Alxedo’s slogan — accessible and digital defines the mission we are following to change the way people consume water.

Billboard Alxedo: accessible and digital

In today’s blog post we would like to introduce and explain Alxedo`s slogan: pure water — accessible and digital. Some of you might have already seen it on our website or on social media, but we are sure you have asked yourselves — what do we actually mean by it…

Alxedo is a cleantech company with a simple mission: to democratise access to clean drinking water through the creation of the world’s first digital water ecosystem.

Read about how founders Kai Werthmann and Samuel Sellmann went from being finance and consulting professionals to cleantech entrepreneurs, driven by a need to address the unsustainability around drinking water availability in many countries.

Samuel (left) and Kai in Mexico City

“I realised for the first time of my life what it means to not have access to clean water when I lived in rural Thailand,” says Samuel, describing the country’s ubiquitous dependence on bottled drinking water. “Water, which is as important as the air we breathe, should be conveniently accessible…


We are a cleantech company with a mission to create the world’s first digital water ecosystem. See our work:

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